The Straight Facts on Ford vs. Chevy

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Coke vs. Pepsi. Seinfeld or Friends. Michael Keaton or Christian Bale.

But as far as healthy debates go, perhaps nothing tops Ford vs. Chevy.

While this debate has been running hot for years — both manufacturers predate World War I — there are a number of facts to support one candidate over the other. And the facts don’t lie.

The Facts of Life: Ford Beats Chevy
Size matters

Quick, who founded Chevrolet? You probably don’t know. But everyone knows that Henry Ford was the founding father of Ford Motor Co. And Ford remains in the family today, more than a century later. In fact, Ford is the fifth-largest family-owned company in the world behind only Wal-Mart, Volkswagen, Berkshire Hathaway, and Exor, an Italian investment company.

Better safe than sorry

What’s the safest pickup truck on the road? According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it’s the Ford F-150. The popular Ford model was the only truck to register a top safety rating in the difficult “small overlap crash test.” Meanwhile, the Chevy Silverado, the staple of the Chevy pickup truck fleet, had a “relatively poor showing” in the same test.

Live long and prosper

In a study of the toughest trucks and SUV’s, the Ford F-150 came in first place. And in a study of the longest lasting cars that involved over 30 million used cars, the Ford Taurus came in seventh place while no Chevy models cracked the top 10.

Selling like hot cakes

Both Ford and Chevy are well-known for two types of vehicles: pickup trucks and muscle cars. And one way to settle the score between Ford vs. Chevy is to simply look at which of the two are being bought more often by consumers.

Among pickups, the number of Ford F-150’s sold in 2015 trumped that of the Chevy Silverado.

And in the muscle car segment of the two manufacturers, the Ford Mustang has beaten out the Chevy Camaro in total sales in 31 of the 41 years they had competed against each other through 2014.

The facts suggest that whether it be a pickup truck or a muscle car, consumers choose Ford more often than Chevy.

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